Nexttel NeXtSocials Bundle: Unlimited WhatsApp, FB & Twitter

Nexttel Cameroon was the first Network in Cameroon to deliver 3G+ speeds. One will argue that its 3G+ Network is reliable for video streaming and demanding tasks. The 10Gb offer 500Frs on nexttel has proven that so far. 

Today, It has just revamped its unlimited Social Media Bundle (NeXtSocials) to include Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. This is unbelievably unlimited with no data caps! It starts from as low as 300Frs.

Update: Nexttel now includes an unlimited Instagram bundle in their new bundle dubbed NextSocialsPlus. with 2500 Frs, you can subscribe to this service to get unlimited Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, valid for one (1) month. Dial the USSD code *865*64# to benefit from this cheap data bundle in Cameroon.

Nexttel Cameroon NeXtSocials Bundle Adds Unlimited Twitter

 What are the Various Unlimited Social Media Nexttel Bundles?

  1. Unlimited Nexttel Social Nexttel Bundle Daily offer for 300Frs.
  2. Unlimited Nexttel Social Nexttel Bundle Weekly offer for 1000Frs. 
  3. Unlimited Nexttel Social Nexttel Bundle Monthly offer for 2500Frs

How to subscribe to the Nexttel Cameroon Bundle?

  • Dial *865*64# to choose your preferred option.

Our Preferred and Cheapest offer is the monthly option at 2500F.

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