All About The MTN Yabadoo App and Prices (Replace your TV)

We tried the Mtn Yabadoo App for more than a month and really enjoyed it. We went in with enthusiasm as we did while using the Mtn Yamo Service. Here is our take on it.
The Mtn Yabadoo App is Capable of Replacing your TV

What is the Mtn Yabadoo Service?

Yabadoo is a mobile application available under Mtn Cameroon's Mobile platform. It allows users to watch their favorite TV programs on their smartphones without using your Internet bundle. They can also watch a rich catalog of movies and series on demand. These include but are not limited to the following: action, comedy, adventure, drama, animation, etc.

How to Access the Mtn Yabadoo Mobile Service?

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store for Android Users or the App Store for iPhone users.
  2. Install the app
  3. Begin your journey by registering with your Mtn phone number 
  4. Get into the interface and start exploring the Yabadoo catalog of TV

How to subscribe to Mtn Yabadoo Service?

  1.  Click on your preferred content and confirm your choice. 
  2. The equal airtime will be deducted, and you will now have access to the content.

What are the offers and pricing of the  Mtn Yabadoo Service?

They include the following:

TV channels

Le trio Decouverte
STV, Canal2Movies, Equinoxe TV
50F for 1 day 200F for 7 days 650F for 30 days
Bouquet Sports

CRTV Sports, Sports TV, StadAfric, Football TV / English
50F for 1 day 200F for 7 days 650F for 30 days
Le trio des débats
Vision 4, STV, Afrique Media
50F for 1 day 200F for 7 days 650F for 30 days
Le trio du divertissement
Nina Novelas, Canal2Movies, Boom TV
50F for 1 day 250F for 7 days 850F for 30 days
Le trio de l’info
Equinoxe TV, Canal 2 International, CRTV
50F for 1 day 200F for 7 days 650F for 30 days
Equinoxe TV, CRTV, Canal 2 English, Sports TV English, African Series Zone English, Africa News English, Fashion TV, One TV, Cartoon TV English, Football TV English, Russia Today, Russia Today Documentary, Deutsche Welle, Gossip English
100F for 1 day 500F for 7 days 1500F for 30 days


Equinoxe TV, Canal 2 movies, CRTV, Vision 4, Afrique Media, Boom TV, Canal 2 International, STV, Africa News Français, TV5 Monde Afrique. 24/7 TV
100F for 1 day 500F for 7 days 1500F for 30 days

Rental Service
Rental of one movie for 1 week
Series (1 season) rental for 1 week
Series (1 season) rental for 1 month

The offers are affordable and can come in handy when you are away from your tv set. We definitely recommend the Mtn Yabadoo App.
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