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Temo.me is a website founded by Dr. Temo Melvin under the organization called Temo Group. 

How Temo Group Started

Temo Group is a Cameroon-based organization founded on March 19, 2019, by Dr. Temo, with its Head Office in Rue Pasteur Bonanjo, Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon. Temo Group is dedicated to producing accurate and unique content. It regularly publishes news updates on Tech, Business, Health, Education, Real Estate, Software, SEO, Insurance, Music, and How-to Guides. 

We initially started the website under Dreampointech. However, we have now rebranded to Temo Group.

About the Organization called Temo Group

Why We Started and Our Mission

To consolidate the efficiency of our Educational system in  Cameroon, the entire world is resolutely resorting to electronic procedures and exchange methods. Each country strives to develop its electronic system to improve productivity, management mechanisms, and more.

Temo Group contributes to the development of Cameroon by making available to the general public and development partners helpful information on public and private secondary and higher education in  Cameroon.

Temo Group is like a portal for public and private education institutions and guides users seeking education-related information in  Cameroon. 

We Have a Support Staff to Resolve Questions and Queries

Everybody, including students, staff in Educational institutions in  Cameroon, and our supporters, has to contribute periodically to this website’s development by sending feedback and asking questions by commenting on articles you do not clearly understand. 

Our support team of 8 members and 12 volunteers answer questions and respond to comments. Reach out to a customer representative via +237-655-004-189 or send an email to info@temogroup.org.

Social Media Handles

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Excellence is Our Main Goal

Our collective commitment endeavors shall undoubtedly enable education in Cameroon to develop to promote academic excellence and the professionalization of the Educational System, whose employability module is one aspect of academic governance. 

Development efforts should be backed up by training based on relevance, fairness, and the assessment culture. Cameroonian universities should fully benefit from the multiplier effects of developing Internet networks. 

This is an indispensable condition to be fulfilled for them to become modern, efficient, and competitive in a globalized academic environment. It is time for us to see the power of Our nation Temo Group.

Contact and Organization Support

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