Orange Money Transaction Limits: Withdrawal, Sending, Balance


Orange Money Transaction Limits (Sending, Withdrawal, Bank Transfers, and Main Account Balance)

Orange Money transaction limits are instituted to regulate cash transfers among Orange subscribers per the regulation. 

Since 2010, Orange Cameroon Mobile Money has extended its services to include money transfers, bill payments, school fee payments, and mobile banking.

Orange Money competes with MTN Mobile Money and Nexttel Possa, other telecommunication service providers in Cameroon.

Orange Group overseas transactions in Botswana, Cameroon, Tchad Congo, etc.

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Orange Money Transaction Limits (Cash In, Cash Out, and Main Balance)

Below are the transaction limits enforced on Orange Mobile Money accounts in Cameroon:

  • The limit per transaction for cash-in is 500000 FCFA.
  • The daily limit for cash-in is 2000000 CFA 
  • The maximum amount transferable from a bank account per transaction is 500000 FCFA.
  • The daily limit for Bank to Orange Money transfer is 500000 FCFA.
  • The limit per transaction for cash-out is 500,000 FCFA, and the cash-out daily limit is 750,000 FCFA.
  • The limit per transaction for Peer-to-Peer transfers is 1000000 FCFA.
  • The daily P2P limit is 1500000 FCFA.
  • Payment limits are set at 1,000,000 FCFA per transaction.
  • The daily limit for payments is 1500000 FCFA.

What are the limits for all Orange Mobile Money transactions? (Day, Week, and Month)

What are the limits for all Orange Mobile Money transactions?

The limits for all transactions on Orange Money are as follows:

  1. Daily Transaction limit - 3000000 FCFA
  2. Weekly Transaction limit - 5000000 FCFA
  3. Monthly transaction limit - 10000000 FCFA

What maximum balance can you have in your Orange Money Account in Cameroon?

  • The maximum balance you can hold in your Orange mobile money wallet is 5000000 FCFA.

How To Increase Your Orange Money Transaction Limit?

To increase the payment limit placed on your Money account, do the following:

  1. Go to a nearby licensed Orange Center.
  2. Provide your National ID Card tied to the Orange Money Wallet or account.
  3. Also, submit your Bank Statement or utility bill (e.g., Water or Electricity).
  4. The assigned Money agent will update your KYC and increase your Orange Money account or wallet's transaction limit within 24 hours.

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