Check All Camtel Blue Codes For Internet and Services 2024

It is challenging for Camtel subscribers in Cameroon to access Camtel's internet codes. With the introduction of Camtel Blue, subscribers can now access Camtel Cameroon's secret internet codes using some USSD codes.

Camtel Cameroon Secret Internet Codes (USSD Codes)

Before, subscribers of Camtel Cameroon did not get the USSD codes to activate their internet bundles. Users needed to use Camtel's myxtremnet platform to subscribe or activate an internet data package.

Check All Camtel Blue Codes For Internet and Services

The Camtel Blue network lets Camtel Cameroon subscribers access internet codes by dialing them on their mobile devices and activating their bundle in little or no time.

How To Subscribe to Camtel Cameroon Internet Services? (Code Camtel Blue)

  • Dial the code *825# (Camtel Blue Code)
  • Call 825 customer Care for more inquiries.

Some Camtel Blue Home Internet Bundles and Codes

You can top up your modem or phone's Camtel account online here and activate your bundle by typing *825#

  1. Size S: Once the quota of 35 Gb runs out, the maximum Internet speed drops to 1 Mbps.
  2. Size M: Once the quota of 75 Gb runs out, the maximum Internet speed drops to 1 Mbps.
  3. Size L: Once the quota of 150 Gb runs out, the maximum Internet speed drops to 1 Mbps.

How To Check Your Data Balance On Camtel Cameroon?

  • Dial the code *825*1#.
  • Press  Ok to display your data balance.

Camtel Cameroon Secret USSD Codes For Internet and Services

Below are all the updated secret codes for Camtel:

Camtel Data Plans
Internet Bundle
Fako XS
24 Hours
Fako S
2 000
9 Gb (200 Mb/Day)
30 Days
Fako M
5 000
25 Gb (850 Mb/Day)
30 Days
Blue Go L
10 000
60Gb (2 Gb/Day)
30 Days
Blue Go XL
20 000
135 G(4,5 Gb/Day)
30 Days
Blue Go XXL
35 000
210 Gb (8 Gb/Day)
30 Days

About Camtel

Camtel Cameroon is a great player in the telecom business of Cameroon, providing its customer base with great internet offers (USSD codes). 

Camtel distributes 4G connectivity to other players (network providers) such as Orange, Mtn Cameroon, and Yoomee. 

Camtel remains a silent player focusing its internet offers on organizations and companies. Recently they have been building strong affection with the Cameroon customer base. To add, they have provided their customer base with brilliant internet offers (USSD codes), which can be accessed using smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other gadgets. 

Camtel Blue Vs Myxtremnet Bundles

The X-tremenet internet bundle is strictly a 4G internet offer. You can access it by opening a browser on your device and inputting 

The data provided on the Camtel Blue bundle is given per day and does not accumulate in time. This offer can easily be accessed by dialing the code associated with the package.


The Camtel internet offers and codes presented to you in this article do not represent all the internet offers provided by Camtel Cameroon. You can see all bundles offered by Camtel from this link.

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