Cameroon GCE Registration Online 2024: Fees & Closing Date

 The Cameroon GCE Online Registration procedure 2024 has been launched by the Cameroon GCE Board. The Cameroon GCE registration started on October 11, 2024.

How To Do Cameroon GCE Online Registration (Procedure)

Reasons For Cameroon GCE Online Registration Procedure 

The board organizes and runs the GCE online registration 2024 process. The reasons for the GCE online registration are as follows:

  • Online registration reduces queues at regular registration centers.
  • GCE registration online enables candidates in external centers to register for the exam smoothly.

How To Perform The Cameroon GCE  Online Registration Process In Cameroon?

To register for the GCE Exam online, do the following:

  1. Enter the required and correct information on the online portal or software provided by the GCE board.
  2. Pay the GCE registration fees online using the MTN Mobile Money service (Details here).
  3. Submit the complete files to complete your registration.

Important Things To Note About GCE Registration

  • Candidates are expected to have read all instructions concerning the exam eligibility and procedure.
  • As for the GCE June 2024 session of the examination, the registration process will be launched in the coming weeks. 
  • The essential information will be available on as soon as the GCE Board launches the Ordinary and Advanced Levels registration process.
  • Ordinary-level candidates must register for at least four subjects, including English Language, French, and Mathematics. Advanced Level candidates must register for at least two subjects.
  • Aspiring Candidates registering for the exam are advised to do so within the stipulated time frame. This is because the online system runs on automated software that shuts down when the closing date reaches. 

Cameroon GCE Online Registration Fees For 2024

The candidate pays a fixed registration fee concerning the level and type of the examination: Candidates registering for the GCE Ordinary Level pay a registration fee of 8000 FCFA.

Candidates registering for the GCE, Advanced Level candidates, pay 9000 FCFA.

GCE Fees Per Subject:

The fee per subject also varies concerning the level of the examination. 

  • GCE Ordinary Level candidates pay 1,000 FCFA per subject
  • GCE Advanced Level candidates pay 2,000 FCFA per subject.

GCE Practical Fees:

Any candidate registering a subject having a practical session pays an extra fee of 5,000 FCFA per practical session for both GCE Ordinary and GCE Advanced Level.

When is the Deadline For Cameroon GCE Board Registration 2024? (Closing Date)

The deadline or closing date for formal registration of candidates for the Cameroon GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level examination is on Friday January 27, 2024

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