Cameroon ID Card and Passport Online Application Check For 2024

The Cameroon government has just made the follow-up or checking of passports and ID Cards - National Identity Cards  (also known by its French acronym CNI- Carte Nationale D'Identite). Citizens and foreigners can now also check the progress of their resident permits and refugee cards. 

In the past, it was commonplace for people to queue up at police stations for months to verify such. There have also been complaints of documents being misplaced at issuing centers and ID Cards being abandoned. 

This is a great leap forward as it will decongest the police stations and provide transparency to the process.
Cameroon-National-ID Cards

How to check the availability of a Cameroonian Passport or follow up on its issue online?

  2.  Enter your Names in the correct order on your birth certificate.
  3.  Also, enter your date of birth correctly. Go to the official Cameroonian site for passport verification or follow up via this LINK.
  4. Click on Search. 
  5. Details on the issue of your Cameroonian passport will be given.

How to check availability of Cameroonian Passport or follow up its issue online

How do you check the availability of National ID Cards, Residence Permits, or Refugee cards in Cameroon?

To check if your ID card has been issued, do the following:
  1.  Go to the official Cameroonian site for verification or follow up on the above documents via this LINK.
  2.  Enter the receipt number as it is written on the receipt.
  3. Click on Search. 
  4. Details on the state of issue of your National Identity Card, Residence Permit, or Refugee card will be displayed.
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