Nexttel Cameroon Bundles: Get 3Gb for 150F or 10Gb for 500F

Nexttel Cameroon has been known for its incredible data bundles. Furthermore, its 3G+ Network has been relatively reliable for video streaming and demanding tasks. The last nexttel offer was that of 6GB for 500frs. Unfortunately, some users did not have a taste of it before it came to an end.

Learn how to configure your Nexttel APN for Internet Access Here

The good news is another offer is here. You can now benefit from a whopping 3GB of internet data for 150frs and 5Gb for 250FCFA. 

This is valid from 11pm to 7am. This is enough time for media-loving individuals to launch downloads or stream media content without the fear of running out of data on  Cameroon's first 3G Network.

Nexttel Cameroon Internet Offers: 3Gb for 150F or 5Gb for 250F or 10Gb for 500F

Moreover, the internet data can be renewed unlimited times, so you can use 10Gb for 500frs.

How to access the Nexttel offer?

Dial *865*36# to activate

Will this Nextel Internet Bundle expire soon?

No word on its expiry. So enjoy it while you can.

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