How to Add Anti Ad Block Scripts to Stop Adblockers on Blogger 2024

There is no argument that adblockers on web browsers provide a clean web page for readers on the web. Internet users no longer want adverts popping up here and there to distort their reading experience. 

The Rise of Ad Block Tools

Adverts were well tolerated in the past, with less than 20% of web users using adblocking software. However, ad-blocking software can now easily be used on all platforms. The number has since risen to 25%, a projected increase.

Block AdBlockers on blogger blogspot

I was a user of ad-block software. But things soon changed when I took the time to single-handedly develop my website, wrote articles, and obtained approval from Google Adsense to begin showing ads. 

But there was a problem: I was just a startup site; how would I have some earnings from Adsense to support my site from unconstructive advertising? I had to look for a way to kindly inform my visitors to temporarily disable their adblockers while browsing my website.

It is challenging to see plugins on blogger that offer this functionality. But there is good news. I will show you how to block adblocker users who access your blogger site.

How to disable adblockers on the blogger platform

1. Copy the complete script from google docs via this link

2. Go to your blogger Dashboard

block adblockers on blogger

3. Select Layout

4. Click on Add gadget on the sidebar to add a new gadget

5. Scroll down and select  HTML/ Javascript
block ad blockers on blogger blogspot

6. Paste the script above into the content area. Do not write any title.

block ad blockers on blogger blogspot

7. Click on save. That's all.

8. To test its functionality, try adding your site to the ad-block list and hit refresh. Below is an example of what you will see.

block ad blockers on blogger blogspot

Update on how to stop Adblockers on your Blogger Blogspot blog

  1. Go to the block AdBlock site and download the ad-blocking script.
  2.  Create an HTML Gadget and paste the contents into it
  3. Save the gadget.
  4. Done. Your ad-block protection should start working immediately.
block ad blockers on blogger blogspot

Here is the result of this newest one.


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