4 Unique Steps Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Your Phone 2024

You may have used screenshots (but not long screenshots) to save some information locally or share vital info to a social media platform or to a third party. 

 However, you usually take plenty of screenshots, which can confuse and make it even harder to follow the conversation.
Longshot App

Some manufacturers such as Xiaomi, HTC, and Samsung have implemented the so-called scrollable screenshot in their custom UI, but this feature is yet to be available natively in Android. 

This leaves so many people needing clarification about what to do. We hope Google implements it in a future build.

See Also the Xiaomi Phones, which come with the long screenshot option.

This article will show you how to get scrollable screenshots on any device.

How to Take a Scrollable or Long Screenshot on Your Phone

  1. Download the LongShot app from Play Store via this LINKThis is a free application.
  2. Install the App to your device and open it. 
  3. Select the option you want: i. Capture screenshot- to capture a scrollable screenshot on any app. Capture web page- to get a scrollable screenshot of a webpage iii. Select Images- to get a scrollable screenshot of multiple images
  4. The most frequent option is 'capture screenshot': simply tap on it. The app interface fades and gives you 2 options: START and CANCEL.
Easily Take a Scrollable or Long Screenshot on Your Phone

5. Select the App in which you want to do the screenshot

Easily Take a Scrollable or Long Screenshot on Your Phone

6. Click on START and begin scrolling down to your desired position.

7. Hit SAVE to save the screenshot.
long screenshot

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